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Template conditionals for use with phpBB

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Template conditionals for use with phpBB

Unread postby GTB » Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:07 pm

Some useful template conditionals

<!-- IF S_USER_LOGGED_IN --> If a user is logged in (which I think would include added BOTS).
<!-- IF S_REGISTERED_USER --> If user is logged in, and is not a bot.
<!-- IF S_AUTOLOGIN_ENABLED --> If auto login is allowed.
<!-- IF S_BOARD_DISABLED --> If forum board is disabled.
<!-- IF S_IS_BOT --> If visitor is a bot.
<!-- IF S_USER_PM_POPUP --> If pop-up PM is on.
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_SEARCH --> If displaying search
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_PM --> If display a PM.
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_MEMBERLIST --> If display memberlist.php.
<!-- IF U_MCP --> If Moderator.
<!-- IF U_ACP --> If Administrator.
<!-- IF S_IS_LINK --> If being a link.
<!-- IF S_UNREAD_FORUM --> If forum is unread.
<!-- IF S_READ_FORUM --> If forum is read.
<!-- IF S_LOCKED_FORUM --> If forum is locked.
<!-- IF S_LIST_SUBFORUMS --> If there is a list of sub-forums.
<!-- IF S_SUBFORUMS --> If a sub-forum.
<!-- IF S_IS_CAT --> If a category.
<!-- IF S_IS_POST --> If a post.
<!-- IF FORUM_ID --> Displays the code between the switches, if the user is viewing a particular forum.
<!-- IF S_USERNAME eq 'Gringo' -->Some content here<!-- ENDIF --> Target a specific user with a message.
<!-- IF SCRIPT_NAME == "index" -->some content<!-- ENDIF --> Other script page names can be used also such as "viewtopic, viewforum, memberlist and faq, e.t.c.

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